Source & Binary


Substrate is an opinionated suite of tools that manage secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure in AWS. It creates strong boundaries between different parts of your software, both on the network and between AWS resources, to improve security by creating isolation and improve reliability by reducing the blast radius of changes.

I bring these command-line tools with me into most engagements to ensure that the easy way to work in your AWS organization is the right way. When I leave, you retain access to Substrate in perpetuity. If you enroll in Source & Binary Advance, you’ll receive software updates as Substrate evolves to keep pace with AWS’ ever-accelerating growth.

Here’s what Substrate manages for you:

Substrate does not make decisions where many desirable alternatives exist. It’s not going to tell you to (or not to) use Kubernetes, which database to choose, or how many regions you use. Substrate is concerned with parts of AWS where there are right answers and especially the parts where those right answers aren’t obvious.

Whether you’re starting from a green field or you’re realizing you need to level up your infrastructure, Substrate is the ergonomic way to build secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure in AWS.

If you want to use Substrate, email Or, feel free to peruse the Substrate manual.