Source & Binary

Source & Binary Advance

Source & Binary Advance is an annual subscription service that provides architectural guidance, personal support, and access to Substrate software updates after your initial engagement comes to an end.

Substrate is meant to always represent the best that AWS can be — the best place to operate secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure. There is very often more than one way to solve a problem in AWS. Substrate’s purpose is to make the few objectively right choices into defaults, to preserve your ability to choose everything else as suits your business, and to bring it all together with ergonomic tools. But AWS is complex and ever-changing. Long-term access to the latest Substrate will ensure you reap the benefits of keeping up without paying all the costs of doing so.

Even with the best tools, though, it can be difficult to clearly weigh your options among four or more hosting environments for your code, eight managed databases, dozens of regions and availability zones, an incredibly software-defined network, a legendarily fine-grained identity and access management subsystem, and the often awkward interactions between AWS services and open-source software like Kubernetes. Architectural guidance from Source & Binary brings deep context on AWS together with context on your business to help you walk the line.

Having the same engineer who helped you build out the basics of your AWS organization, network, and security posture available anytime to support their work and help it go further is, in a lot of cases, better than AWS Enterprise Support. Here again, having context ensures it’s always a high-bandwidth conversation that provides answers quickly.

This ongoing arrangement is not like a normal engagement with Source & Binary. It is not time-bound and there are no specific deliverables agreed to at the outset. Instead, this arrangement is more like your annual well visit to your doctor: If triage reveals that a follow-up is required, they refer you to a specialist. Here, too, if a subsequent engagement is the best thing for your business, I’ll propose it, seek feedback, and agree to deliverables, schedule, and cost before beginning.

Ongoing work with Source & Binary keeps you delivering secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure even as your business, and the cloud itself, grow and evolve.

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