Source & Binary

Source & Binary is a small consultancy in San Francisco that brings secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure to market. I’ve earned the trust of some of the most security-conscious companies in the world, met SLAs in the face of record-setting growth, and operated in stringent regulatory environments. I can improve your security posture, increase your reliability, and establish your compliance program, too.

My engagements are guided by your business’ security, reliability, and compliance needs. I meld proven technology like AWS, Terraform, and my Substrate software together with custom software and education to ensure your team and your business thrive.

I believe security and reliability are the foundation of customer trust. It’s rude to be down. It’s imperative that we’re good shepherds of our customers’ data. I believe compliance is how you get credit for good security. No one should have to take your word for it. I insist on understanding my dependencies. Black boxes complicate debugging. I minimize my dependencies. Less software is a good thing. I am pragmatic. Minimal dependencies, not zero dependencies. I maximize developer velocity. Code only helps customers once it’s deployed. I keep my options open. The landscape is ever-changing. I avoid one-way doors.


Richard Crowley

I’m Richard Crowley. I founded Source & Binary in 2020 after spending six years in engineering leadership and as Principal Engineer at Slack. I helped the company grow from 20 to 2,000 employees, thousands to tens of millions of users, and from venture-backed startup to public company. I have extensive experience developing and operating large infrastructures, especially in AWS, that manage petabytes of data, millions of simultaneous connections, and rigorous compliance requirements. I was a member of the AWS Customer Advisory Board while at Slack. I immerse myself in the plumbing of the Internet to enable all sorts of businesses to flourish.

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